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X3 Power Supply Silver

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800 kr ink. moms

The Thunderlord Power X3 power supply is an exceptionally successful design. Constructed to facilitate its operation and use its full potential. The power supply can work with two machines at the same time without the use of a footswitch. Working with a footswitch allows you to work with only one machine, and switching between operating modes is controlled with a single button.

The housing and knob are made of aluminum, which ensures durability, great design and fits perfectly with the large and legible display. The bottom of the power supply has anti-slip rubber, thanks to which it stays firmly on any surface.

voltage regulation in the range of 3-12 V – accuracy up to 0.1V
input voltage: 90-240V
manual footswitch
possibility of working without a presser footswitch
built-in system for changing the footswitch operating mode. Switching by pressing the potentiometer.
Clear display
6,3mm jack inputs
Warranty: 12 months

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