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Welcome to Spicy Collective's customer support.

Feel free to contact us by using our contact form below. But before that, we recommend that you go through the checklist below to prepare for your service case.

1. If you are reclaiming a warranty case, we may need a copy of the receipt or invoice. Then fill in your invoice number or order number in the contact form. If you can't find your receipt: Then enter the date you made your purchase and we can try to find it in our records.

2. If it is out of date with warranty date, we can still look at it. Please use the contact form below and use the correct subject line that suits your case.

3. Do not send anything to us before you have filled out our contact form and been contacted by us with confirmation that you can return goods to us. In some cases, we may request additional information than what you provided in the form. 

4. In case of confirmed return, we ask you to send the return instructions with Postnord Parcel, UPS, DHL, TNT. Try to make sure that the package reaches us directly. Some cheap options send it to the nearest service station and it can take up to an extra week before we get the package.

5. For internal repairs we may need to order spare parts and this may take some time depending on the availability of these parts. So be prepared for it to take a while. We will do it as quickly as possible.

6. If you need to send something to us, pack it well. We do not cover damaged goods. Also, make sure you have disinfected the products.

Delivery address

Spicy Collective AB
Rönnvägen 15a, 15336 Järna

Phone: (+46) 70 750 42 08

Order & Shop – Email: order@spicycollective.se
General questions – Email: info@spicycollective.se

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