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RED-OUT Bioactive Calming Tattoo-Foam

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Hygiene foam with bioactive agents with a soothing action for use during stops in the tattoo process and after its completion, reducing the redness of the newly tattooed skin in a very notable way

  • Solución jabonosa de alta calidad elaborado con tensoactivos y bioactivos de origen natural
  • pH Eudérmico, por lo que no afecta a la película dérmica protectora natural
  • Libre de conservantes artificiales
  • Libre de óxidos de etileno (PEG)
  • Libre de Sulfatos


RED-OUT Bioactive Calming Tattoo-Foam, a bioactive skincare solution meticulously crafted for optimal tattoo aftercare. This 220mL hygiene foam is specifically designed for use during breaks in the tattoo process and post-completion. It ensures a soothing experience while significantly reducing redness on freshly tattooed skin.

Our formula prioritizes quality, incorporating bioactive agents of natural origin and surfactants. This combination creates a high-quality soap solution, and the bioactives work synergistically to provide a calming effect. This promotes a comfortable healing process for your tattooed skin.

Maintaining the skin’s natural protective dermal film is crucial for effective aftercare. RED-OUT Bioactive Calming Tattoo-Foam achieves this by maintaining a Eudermal pH. This ensures that it complements and supports the skin’s inherent protective mechanisms without causing disruption.

We understand the importance of transparency and safety in skincare. That’s why our Red-Out Calming Foam is free of artificial preservatives, ethylene oxides (PEG), and sulfates. This commitment to cleanliness and purity ensures that your skin receives the care it deserves without unnecessary additives.

Whether used during tattooing breaks or in the post-completion phase, our bioactive foam is designed to make a notable difference. By effectively reducing redness, it enhances the appearance of your fresh tattoo while providing the comfort your skin needs during the crucial healing period.


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