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Unistar Skin Care Tattoo film dressing – 5 Pieces – 12,5 X 12,5 CM

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70 kr ink. moms


Size: 5pcs /length 10m, width 15cm/

A thin self-adhesive foil that provides a moist environment during healing – the first and most critical stage in the healing of a tattoo wound. It protects the new tattoo from friction and provides waterproofness on the outside, creates an antibacterial coating that prevents the formation of pathogens and the entry of external pollutants on the wound.

The film is permeable, thanks to which the skin breathes and excess steam evaporates. Very comfortable to use, imperceptible, flexible and stretchable, allowing you to use anywhere on the body and leave for a few days.

It reduces scabs, reduces the risk of infection, does not make clothes dirty, protects against irritating factors like the touch of clothing material or external factors.

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