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Panthera Tattoo Ink BLK-Gold

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420 kr ink. moms

  • 150 Mm
  • Compliance with European Reach Legislation
  • Natural Formulation for Skin Safety
  • Long-Lasting Black 

Panthera Tattoo Ink BLK-Gold : Where Safety Meets Artistry

Unveil the brilliance of Panthera Ink, a seamless blend of safety and artistry in the tattoo world.

1. Natural Formulation for Skin Safety

Our black ink is uniquely formulated from natural fruits, eliminating chemical preservatives for enhanced skin safety.

2. Crafted for Professionals

Tailored for professional tattoo artists, Panthera Ink’s special formulation offers faster healing and intensified, long-lasting black hues, resisting the common issue of turning blue.

3. Excellence in Production Standards

Panthera Ink proudly upholds excellence in tattoo ink production. From raw material selection to sterilization using gamma ray technology, each step follows the strictest safety standards.

4. Rigorous Quality Control

Quality is non-negotiable. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring the highest safety and efficacy standards.

5. Versatility for Every Artistic Vision

Panthera Tattoo Ink BLK-Gold is versatile, suitable for all tattoo types and compatible with various application techniques.

6. Compliance with European Legislation

Rest easy knowing Panthera Ink is free from carcinogenic substances and fully complies with current European legislation.

Choose Panthera Tattoo Ink BLK-Gold : Elevate Your Tattooing Experience

Panthera Ink goes beyond a mere product – it’s an invitation to a tattooing experience where your creativity meets a canvas of uncompromised quality and safety. Trust us for an artistry journey that prioritizes your artistic vision and client safety.



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