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Sunflower Yellow Viking By Dynamic

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  • REACH compliant for use throughout Europe and beyond. All Viking by Dynamic Color Tattoo Inks have met or exceeded all regulations as set forth by REACH
  • Vegan and Never Tested on Animals: Dynamic Color products contain zero animal products and are never tested on any furry friends. Our tattoo inks are safe on the skin, better for the environment, and ultimately preferred for your overall health.
  • Professional Quality Pre-Dispersed Inks: The Viking by Dynamic Color Range provides premium quality tattoo ink with the most impressive pigment content in the business. Noted for its smooth flow rate, our inks are up to the challenge of any piece — from precise detail work to outlining or shading.
  • Authentic and Hygienic: We’re aware of the large volume of fraudulent products on the market, which is why all Viking by Dynamic Color Tattoo Inks arrive in crystal clear PET bottles with a Holographic label adorned with the Dynamic Color logo anti-counterfeiting coating. Even our heat seals, which secure your sterilized product, hold the Dynamic Color stamp of approval.
  • Reliable Healing: Say goodbye to stubborn healing processes or unhappy clients. Viking by Dynamic Color Tattoo Inks go in smooth and heal vibrantly for noticeably vivid results that can stand the test of time.

30ml expires September 2024.

120ml expires July 2024.


Sunflower Yellow Viking by Dynamic Tattoo Ink

Sunflower Yellow Viking by Dynamic Tattoo Ink, the ultimate choice for artists seeking exceptional quality, safety, and authenticity.  Unleash the full potential of your artistry with Pink Viking by Dynamic range of professional-grade pre-dispersed inks. Renowned for their exceptional pigment content, our tattoo inks stand out as a premium choice in the industry. Whether you’re working on intricate details, precise outlines, or smooth shading, our inks deliver a flawless performance.

Professional-Quality Inks:

Elevate your craft with inks trusted by artists across worldwide. Viking by Dynamic Tattoo Inks sets the bar for professional-quality inks, delivering vibrant and lasting results that stand the test of time. Authenticity Guaranteed: In a market flooded with counterfeit products, we prioritize your safety and trust. Viking by Dynamic Tattoo Inks arrive in PET bottles, featuring a holographic label adorned with the Dynamic Color logo. Our anti-counterfeiting coating ensures authenticity at every level. Dynamic Color Stamp of Approval: Every heat-sealed product bears the Dynamic Color stamp of approval, securing your sterilized ink with a mark of quality. Trust in the authenticity and hygiene of Viking by Dynamic Color Inks for a worry-free tattooing experience.

Viking by Dynamic Tattoo Inks proudly adhere to the stringent standards set by REACH, ensuring full compliance with regulations across Europe. Trust inks that prioritize global safety and environmental responsibility.

Artists’ Preferred Choice:

Experience why Viking by Dynamic is the preferred choice for artists worldwide. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation that resonates in the tattooing community, making us a go-to brand for artists pushing the boundaries of their creativity. Viking by Dynamic sets the standard for professional-quality pre-dispersed inks, ensuring your artwork boasts vibrant and long-lasting results.

Vegan-Friendly Inks:

Embrace ethical tattooing with our vegan-friendly inks. Viking by Dynamic is committed to providing cruelty-free options without compromising on quality. Join the movement towards sustainable and responsible tattooing.

Unlock a World of Artistic Possibilities:

Pink Viking by Dynamic opens doors to a world of artistic possibilities. Our inks empower you to create stunning, long-lasting tattoos that captivate and endure. Our inks are designed for artists who demand precision. With a smooth flow rate, Viking by Dynamic Inks effortlessly tackle any tattooing challenge. Achieve the level of detail and shading you envision without compromise.

Choose Sunflower Yellow Viking by Dynamic Tattoo Ink– Where Quality, Safety, and Authenticity Converge for Unmatched Excellence in Tattooing.





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