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3M Transpore Tattoo Surgical Tape

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3M™ Transpore™

  • Transparent
  • Surgical
  • Micropore
  • 2,5cm x 9,1m
  • 12 Units per Box
  • Latex Free
  • allergy-friendly

Delve into the world of superior wound care with 3M™ Transpore™ Surgical Tape. A transparent, perforated surgical plastic tape meticulously engineered to revolutionize medical practices.

This indispensable tool combines functionality, versatility, and client comfort, setting new standards in the realm of surgical tape.

Designed for easy handling, 3M™ Transpore™ Surgical Tape features a unique transparent composition, allowing professionals. Its perforated structure, coupled with easy hand tearing. Eliminates the need for scissors, streamlining procedures and optimizing time management in settings.

The moderate adhesion of this surgical tape makes it a standout choice for daily applications, excelling in securing dressings, attaching tubes, and fastening various tattoo devices. This tape isn’t merely a product; it’s a commitment to client well-being. Crafted with a skin-friendly, latex-free formula, 3M™ Transpore™ Surgical Tape ensures optimal care and comfort for client, even those with sensitive skin or latex allergies.

What truly distinguishes this surgical tape is its double-directional perforation, enabling quick and clean customization for diverse applications. Its adaptability makes it an indispensable tool in tattoo studios, clinics and other beauty saloonsproviding reliable adhesion and protection for fresh tattoos and needs.

Incorporate this high-quality surgical tape into your tattoo shops, and witness the seamless intersection of convenience, reliability, and versatility. Trust 3M™ Transpore™ Surgical Tape to redefine your expectations during the prosexx and after care, offering a transparent solution to elevate client care standards.”

Beyond its utility in medical and tattoo settings, the gentle, water-resistant, latex-free, and allergy-friendly. The nature of 3M™ Transpore™ Surgical Tatto0 Tape makes it particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Its dimensions of 2.5cm x 9.1m provide ample coverage, catering to a range of use at your tattoo studio.

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