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Piranha ink cups 500pcs

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200 kr220 kr ink. moms

  • Made in Portugal
  • Super light, extremely durable
  • High Quality
  • Super clear plastic
  • Very stable

Piranha Cups are a premium, high-quality product made in Portugal with certified raw materials.

From product design, to engineering, to certified raw materials, the molds and production are entirely Made in Portugal and have allowed for high quality control and consistency in production.

With a wide base, it allows artists to place it directly on the work surface, without the need to use Vaseline or other fixing material.

The pigment will be deposited in the ink cup, and there will be contact with the artist’s needle.

On the Piranha Stable Ink Cups, we designed vertical “stripes” textures to make it easier to handle the cups without slipping.  With this design, we ensure structural rigidity with minimum material usage.

The 100% transparent plastic allows you to see the real colors of the paints, to help artists clearly distinguish between the different color palettes. Allowing easy distinction even with similar bright colors of the same family.

This set consists of 500 units of each size –  12mm | 19mm



12, 19

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