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Non-Spill Tattoo Ink Cups Black 14mm

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Non-Spill Ink Cups

“Revolutionize your tattooing experience with our non-spill ink cups, providing the ultimate convenience and efficiency for artists. Skip the traditional ink cup stands – our innovative design allows you to securely place the ink cup directly onto your work surface. No more worries about accidental spills!

Crafted with precision, these ink cups are engineered to withstand slight knocks, ensuring that your ink stays in place and doesn’t disrupt your creative flow. Experience the freedom to focus on your art without the hassle of constant cleanup.


Our  ink cups come in a convenient package of 250 pieces, each with a diameter of 14 mm. Say goodbye to the limitations of conventional setups and embrace a seamless, spill-free tattooing process.

Elevate your studio with the latest in tattooing technology. Choose non-spill ink cups for a cleaner, more efficient workspace. Order your bag of 250 pieces today and transform the way you work!”



Non spill ink cups enable you to place your ink cup directly on to your work surface, without the need of a traditional ink cup stand. Any slight knocking to the ink cup will just make it glide and will not spill over.

Available in a bag 250 pieces in size of 14 mm diameter.


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