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Dermalize-Pro Protective Tattoo-Film Bandage

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500 kr ink. moms

Dermalize Protective Tattoo Film is the all-in-one tattoo aftercar

  • Roll 15cm x 10 m
  •  Self-adhesive film
  •  Waterproof
  • Antibacterial- Barrier Breathable
  • FLEXIBLE and Stretchable
  • Reduced Risk of Infection


“Introducing Dermalize-Pro Protective Tattoo-Film Bandage , your go-to protective tattoo film for the crucial initial healing phase. This thin adhesive film plays a key role in preventing a humid environment during the early stages of tattoo healing, safeguarding your fresh ink with a powerful combination of protection and comfort.

Dermalize-Pro Protective Tattoo-Film Bandage forms a protective, vapor-permeable barrier that shields tattoos from friction and external water exposure. Its antimicrobial coating acts as a barrier, preventing the entry of pathogens and contaminants into the healing wound. This permeable film ensures the skin receives oxygen while allowing excess water vapor to evaporate, promoting a healthy healing process.

Designed for convenience, Dermalize PRO is practically imperceptible, flexible, and elastic.  Making it comfortable for use on any part of the body for an extended period. By eliminating scab formation, reducing infection risks, and leaving no stains on clothes, this film provides optimal protection against irritation.

Elevate your tattoo aftercare routine withDermalize-Pro Protective Tattoo-Film Bandage  – the solution that not only cares for your fresh ink but enhances the healing experience. Order now for unparalleled comfort and protection during the crucial healing phase.(roll 15cm x 10 m)


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