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Cupsorber Gelling Powder – 160g

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110 kr ink. moms

  • Gelling powder from Unistar
  • 160g
  • Safe
  • Easy
  • Fast Disposal


Cupsorber Gelling Powder – 160g

Revolutionize Your Cleanup with ASY CleanUp

Safe, Easy, and Fast Disposal: Say goodbye to traditional cleanup hassles! EASY CleanUp is the tattoo industry’s safest, easiest, and fastest way to dispose of ink.

Leak-Proof Solutions: Bid farewell to leaky garbage bags! EASY CleanUp ensures a mess-free experience, eliminating the inconvenience of handling dripping trash.

Effortless Contamination Control: No more shoving paper towels into contaminated rinse cups! ASY CleanUp simplifies your cleanup routine, offering a seamless and hygienic solution.

Compact and Convenient: Each bottle contains 160g of EASY CleanUp, providing a compact and convenient disposal solution for your tattoo studio.

Upgrade your cleanup process and embrace the ease and efficiency of Cupsorber Gelling Powder – 160g. Make the switch for a cleaner, safer, and more convenient tattooing experience!

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