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Colour obsession Protón Tattoo Butter

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  • The best tattoo ointment
  • 7 Diferent Colours.
  • Each colour has an unique esence and an unique extract.
  • 100% natural ingredients. 100% vegan.

Colour Obsession Protón is the latest formulation from Proton Labs. Created with 7 different colors. But it’s not just colors… Each butter has essential oils and extracts related to its Smell and Color. An Exceptional butter with a sublime touch to be able to tattoo for hours and hours without irritating the skin of the clients. It is a revolution in the healing of the tattoo.

Colour Obsession Protón has been developed in our laboratories using only materials obtained directly from nature, tested by the best tattoo artists in the world and arriving at an exclusive formulation.

It has a soft and oily texture, but it doesn’t melt when handled or working on the skin. Regenerating the skin from minute 0 by providing unique aromas and extracts.


Colour Obsession Protón contains Mango Butter, 100% natural oils and diferent essences depending on the colour:

Orange: Orange Aroma, Orange Extract and Bitter Orange Essential Oil

Violet: Blackberry Aroma and Gentian Violet Extract.

Green: Melon Aroma and Cucumber Extract

Black: Vanilla and Tobacco Aroma and Grape Extract.

Yellow: Lemon Scent, Lemon Essential Oil and Lemon Bark Extract.

Rose: Bubblegum aroma and pomegranate extract

Blue: Peppermint Scent, Blue Oolong Tea Extract and Piperine Peppermint Essential Oil.

Available in 8.5 oz/250ml only.


Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green

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