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Box of Unistar Cartridge Tubes

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200 kr ink. moms

Disposable UNISTAR ™ cartridge tubes! Each tube has a sterile pusher packed in a blister. Thickness fi 30mm.UNISTAR ™ The best tattoo disposable tubes available on the market. Made of hard, transparent polymer.

Tubes are manufactured using the most advanced injection molds, which thanks to high precision of manufacture and tightness do not leave excess plastic. UNISTAR ™ ONE-PIPE TUBES are extremely durable, and appropriately selected materials absorb vibrations. For the production of UNISTAR ™ tubes, we use materials used in the medical industry.

Each UNISTAR ™ tube has an individual sterilization strip !!!

They fit all types of CHEYENNE, INKJECTA, SPEKTRA and EQUALISER machines.


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