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Boreal Mixer 120ml Viking by Dynamic

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80 kr ink. moms

Boreal Mixer Solution – A unique shading solution – the ideal combination solution. It is astringent, haemostatic and calms down the skin by its added Aloe Vera content. It provides accelerated healing to the wound, alongside an extra property of delayed drying of ink, as it creates a thin film of less fluid ink on the surface. Boreal Mixer offers excellent ink penetration, which makes tattoos smoother and without small blank spaces, dis-coloration or undesired toning.
Thinner for mixing different types of inks, colors and blacks.
Reduces bleeding and inflammation.
Helps faster healing.
Delays the drying of ink.
Achieves a better penetration of the ink into the skin.
Helps with skin care.
Vegan and non-toxic.
Made By Dynamic EU / 100% REACH Compliant
Ingredients: Glycerin, Hamamelis Water, Distilled and Purified Water, Isopropyl alcohol, Aloe Vera

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