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Bioactive Vaseline Cursed-Skull Aloe-Tattoo

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  •  Contents: 300 ml
  •  Tube with screw cap
  •  Hygienic
  •  Bioactive ingredients
  •  reduces skin irritations
  •  vegan

Bioactive Vaseline Cursed-Skull Aloe-Tattoo,Unlock Tattooing Excellence 

Premium Tattoo Lubrication: Immerse yourself in the artistry of tattooing with AloeTattoo’s Bioactive Vaseline. Crafted from White Vaseline, this cream serves as an impeccable lubricant during the tattooing process. Ensuring smooth and precise application. Contain 275ml

Soothing Herbal Elegance: Enriched with herbal ingredients. This Bioactive Vaseline delivers a soothing touch to the skin. Preventing bleeding and enhancing the overall tattooing experience. Its unique formula forms a beautiful lubricating film, making the tattooing process easier and more comfortable.

Healing and Cleansing Power: Beyond lubrication, AloeTattoo’s Bioactive Vaseline actively promotes healing and cleanses the skin of excess  during application. Experience a comprehensive approach to tattoo aftercare, ensuring optimal results and a faster healing process.

Vegan, Preservative-Free, and Hypoallergenic: This Bioactive Vaseline is crafted with a commitment to ethical practices. Vegan and free from preservatives or hypoallergens, it aligns seamlessly with conscious choices, prioritizing both the artistry and well-being of the user.

Exotic Pineapple Fragrance: Indulge your senses with the exotic aroma of pineapple as you enhance your tattooing ritual. The pleasant scent adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience.

Convenient Dispensing and Extended Shelf Life: The precisely portioned Vaseline is conveniently dispensed through gentle squeezing, providing control over the amount used. The screw cap on the tube ensures a longer shelf life, allowing you to savor the benefits of AloeTattoo’s Bioactive Vaseline over an extended period.

Elevate your tattooing journey with AloeTattoo – Bioactive Vaseline Cursed-Skull Aloe-Tattoo. Where every detail is designed to enhance the artistry and comfort of the tattooing process.

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