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Arx Wave Premium pack 4.8mm stroke

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11500 kr ink. moms

The complete pack for the 4.8mm stroke Wave wireless pen.

Arx Wave Premium pack 4.8mm stroke

The new wireless tattoo machine from Arx is here! We are proud to introduce you to the new Wave Pen with 4.8mm stroke. This new revolutionary machine have all the features you’ve been missing on your machines so far! With a 3 set memory mode you can just by an easy click make sure the machine hits just like you prefer. Change the volts is standard but when did you hear of a machine where you can adjust the herz? Well, now you have since the new Arx Wave comes with the standard mode of adjusting the herz of every mode you want your machine to adjust.

The bright and clear screen is adjustable so its always in line with your cartridge needle with a simple rotation. Easy access and easily visible to check your adjustments of the machine at the moment. Check out the rest of the equipment below on what this Premium pack brings you.

All of this wonder is created by the great tattooers: Alex Rodriguez and Xam.

From tattooers to tattooers.



Made of black anodised aircraft aluminium.

Weight: 250gr.

Our preferred pen for all lines, shading and colour blending.


1 WAVE pen. (4.8mm stroke)

1 BULLET wireless power supply.

1 black aluminium 36mm grip, 63 gr. Standard grip of anodized aircraft aluminium grip.

1 black aluminium 42mm grip, 103gr. Anodised aircraft aluminium grip for tattooers who like a wider grip.

1 gold plated stainless steel 36mm grip, 184gr. For a bit heavier grip.

1 RCA cable. A flexible silicone cable with gold plated components. Length 1,8 meters.

1 RCA male adapter. Quick-lock system and gold plated RCA conector.

1 RCA female adapter. Quick-lock system and gold plated RCA conector.

1 Digital battery charger. 2 hours charging time, USB charger.

2 ARX batteries. About 7-8 hours of working time. 2050 mAh capacity.

1 Roll up Travel pouch. Made out of canvas and poliester. 3 zipped pockets and 5 extra pockets, 2 metal hooks to hang it for easy access.1 Grease sachet.

1 online digital Manual, found here

1 Product ID card + warranty PIN code.


For more info check out: https://arxmachine.com


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