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A3-A4 Led-Light Drawing Pad

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350 kr400 kr ink. moms


  • A4 350 mm x 248 mm
  • A3 460 mm x 335 m
  • Tracing Illustration
  • Sketching
  • USB port
  • Led Pad

Illuminate your creativity with our A3-A4 Led-Light Drawing Pad – a versatile tool for drawings, sketches, hand lettering, and diamond painting. This adjustable drawing board, sized at 47 x 34.5 x 0.5 cm, is perfect for precision in your artistic endeavors.

Crafted for ease, the A3-A4 Led-Light Drawing Pad, adjustable LED lighting in 3 positions. Providing optimal brightness for your creative space. Whether you’re sketching or tracing illustrations, the thin and lightweight design (1.2 kg) makes it stress-free for outdoor painting.

The fine craftsmanship is evident in the intelligent touch control switch and the inclusion of a universal USB port, offering convenient power options. The LED eye protection light source, with adjustable brightness, ensures a comfortable and soothing experience, caring for your eyes during extended creative sessions.

Experience the multiple layers of care with eye safety and high light transmission, enhancing the convenience of your artistic process. Made from ABS material, the LED Pad combines safety with beauty.

Elevate your artistic journey with our Drawing Pad– a fusion of functionality, portability, and intelligent design. Order now for an enhanced drawing experience, whether indoors or outdoors.


Size A3-A4

A3, A4

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