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Photo finish Protón

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225 kr ink. moms

  • The most advanced tattoo healing formula.
  • Eliminates redness, reduces bleeding, and nourishes the tattoo
  • Take exceptional photographs.
  • Tested for months by Andrea Morales. With exceptional results.
  • Unique formulation.

Photo Finish Proton is the original formula created by Proton, with Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Panthenol, which when applied at the newly determined tattoo, reduces bleeding, lowers redness and allows exceptional photos.

Photo Finish Proton is a transparent gel with medium consistency, which is applied to the tattooed area when the tattoo is finished, allowing spectacular photos, and then can be spread and covered with film or left to dry in the open air

Photo Finish Proton is manufactured in Spain under the strictest sanitary standards, based on its unique masterful formulation. With the best ingredients available, allowing you to protect the tattoo from the moment it has been made.

Photo Finish Proton came from the idea of one of the best color microrealism tattoo artists (Andrea Morales) who has been testing and testing it for months to give the product the go-ahead and start its production.

Available Size: 200ml / 6.8 Oz

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